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DIMOxAutoPi W/ LowFi Wall Power Adapter Bundle

DIMOxAutoPi W/ LowFi Wall Power Adapter Bundle

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DIMOxAutoPi Wall Power Adapter Bundle

Reliable and Consistent Power Supply for Your Automotive Projects

Give your OBD2 devices the robust and reliable power source they need with the DIMOxAutoPi Wall Power Adapter Kit. Designed to facilitate seamless connectivity and uninterrupted power supply for your DIMOxAutoPi or Future devices, this kit comes packed with all the essential tools you require to establish a solid foundation for your automotive developments.


  • Universal Voltage Range: Compatible with devices requiring 2.5-36.5 volts, allowing for a wide range of OBD2 devices to be powered without worry.
  • Tailored for DIMOxAutoPi: Specifically designed to complement DIMOxAutoPi Smart Hub, set to provid voltage slightly under over the recommended range to prevent an accidental voltage spikes.
  • Inclusive Kit: Comes with a USB-C & Micro to USB-A adapter to facilitate different connection needs, along with SIM & trim removal tools to help set up your installation effortlessly.


  • Consistent Power: Say goodbye to interruptions due to power inconsistencies; our power adapter ensures a steady flow of power to your devices at all times, fostering a reliable development environment.
  • Ease of Setup: The included SIM & trim removal tool makes the installation process a breeze, letting you focus more on your developmental work and less on setup hassles.
  • Flexibility and Compatibility: Whether you’re working with newer devices featuring USB-C ports or older models with micro USB, our kit has got you covered, offering unmatched compatibility.

In the Box

  1. DIMOxAutoPi Smart Hub: Your central command center for all things DIMO.
  2. LowFi Wall Power Adapter: Delivering a reliable and steady power source to keep your devices running efficiently.
  3. USB-C & Micro to USB-A Adapter: Offering flexible connectivity options to cater to a wide variety of devices.
  4. SIM & Trim Removal Tool: Tools to simplify the setup process, saving you time and avoiding potential damages to your devices during installation.


  • Software Developers: Ideal for developers working on projects requiring a steady and reliable power source for OBD2 devices.
  • Hardware Developers: Possibility to creates conditions for under and over recommended voltage changes.
  • DIMO Distributors: Keep devices powered to run through device updates, troubleshooting, etc. 
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Download the DIMO mobile app to get started.

All vehicles model year 2008 and newer are supported.

Tesla owners should not order this hardware. Those vehicles can connect directly in the DIMO Mobile App.

US, CAN, EU, UK, Norway, Switzerland only.


• Earn rewards
Keep your car connected via a DIMO Data Miner or, if applicable, your car's native app. The longer you stay connected, the greater the rewards.

• Multi-car connection
Be your own mission control center. One app for your entire family—or fleet. Connect all your eligible vehicles to DIMO and track locations via the interactive map.

• Control your car remotely
Own a Tesla? Use your DIMO app to lock and unlock your vehicle, open the trunk and frunk, and set battery charging limits.

• Vehicle health
Keep tabs on your car health and diagnostics. Track your fuel consumption, oil levels, battery health and miles of range. DIMO’s diagnostics help you get the best from your car and save money in the long run.

• Store documents
Turn your mobile into a virtual glovebox. Upload your title, registration and repairs information to the virtual glove box. All your documentation—accessible anytime, anywhere.

• Keep it private

Any data collected by DIMO is fully encrypted in transit. Details around who you are, where you are, and how you drive are stored separately. Enable privacy zones around specific locations (like the office and your neighborhood) if you ever want to turn off geolocation tracking.

• Vehicle ID
A digital story of your vehicle's lifecycle. Create a digital version of your car, featuring artwork, partial VIN and place of manufacture. In the future, link everything from insurance policies and registration to your vehicle's price for resale.


Typical delivery time ranges from 3-5 days. *Limited supply*